Increasing number of Data breaches, hacks struck the cyber community

“Cyber security problems” is a serious topic that should be discussed to mark the reasons that caused major data breaches in the year 2018. Cybersecurity experts do their best to keep save huge companies, businesses or even governments from cyber attacks. However, they get walloped by seeing the huge increasing in data breaches, hacks in that year as well. Major attacks in 2018 2018 became the witnesses of have various institutions, different industries or businesses data breaches. Cyber criminals often attack people in their worst conditions like Tsunamis or hurricane. Some of the major attacks that happened in year 2018 are: 87M users Facebook users’ data breach Cambridge Analytica firstly exposed about this. It was an issue where the unknown malicious actors targeted the famous social site the Facebook and collected information about millions of social platform users. It came in the social media officials on 25th of September according Read more