CaaS service provider DataSense subscription allows Cyber Criminals to collect leaked user credentials

All the credentials from data leaks, hacks, fishing, and so on that have been resulting for many years now have been sold on the “dark side” of Internet for Cyber Criminals. This will enable these evil people to use the credentials in large scale attacks. They can target big institutes, private organizations and governments’ official. As according to Digital Shadows, a new type of popularity has gained in the market. The credentials are not sold one time, but according to CaaS or combolists-as-a-service model. The services provide access to constantly updated list of credentials. Users get connected to the service through subscription. Such services do not allow users purchase separate lists. They have to automate this process. Researchers found that CrackedTO underground forum promotes the DataSence service –a cloud provider of databases and credentials sets. The bases of the service were constantly compiled and updated by attackers.  “It’s not exactly Read more