Cyber Criminal bribe AT&T employees results in notorious malware on the network

It has been reported that during the period starting from April 2012 and till September 2017, a Pakistani offered bribes to some employers of AT&T, an American multinational conglomerate holding company, in exchange to getting possibilities to unlock iPhones and use them in outside the company network and install malware on the network. Muhammad Fahd along with co-conspirator Ghulam Jiwani, were run three businesses namely iDevelopment, Connections Inc., Endless Trading FZE which were discontinue after Fahd arrested in February, last year. Of about, $ 1 million have been spent to bribe by these two peoples. The Mobile Customer Care call point in Washington was the witness of the whole actions. “Beginning at a date unknown, but no later than April 2012, and continuing through in or about September 2017, at Bothell, within the Western District of Washington, and elsewhere, MUHAMMAD DAH, aka Frank Zhang, GHULAM JIWANI, and other known and Read more