Ransomware attacks on Ohio hospital caused disabled networks

It was the last day of the last weekend of the month of November, East Ohio Regional Hospital in Harper’s Ferry, Ohio, and Ohio Valley Medical Centre in Wheeling, West Virginia both were caught to be in ransomware affect. This incidence affects the whole day process in the hospital; ambulance patients were transported to other hospitals nearby and emergency room admissions were only available for walk-up patients. Quick response by employees Karin Janiszewski, director of marketing and public relations for EORH and OVMC stated on the day after the incident was happened: “There has been no patient information breach. The hospitals are switching to paper charting to ensure patient data protection. We have redundant security, so the attack was able to get through the first layer but not the second layer.” As he mentioned, hospitals quickly reacted to that incidence, that’s why, the attackers could not succeed in their plan. Full Read more