New Way To Extract Data: CTRL-ALT-LED Method Developed By Israeli Researchers

According to report, the Israeli security researchers at Ben-Gurion University has developed a techniques to steal data from any physically isolated devices by using LED indicators including Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys on the Keyboard. This new techniques developed by Israeli specialists is known as CTRL-ALT-LED. Let’s take have a look at this new way to extract data in detail. CTRL-ALT-LED Data Stealing Method: New Way to Extract Data from Isolated System Researchers claim that there is need of pre-installation of malware on the targeted machine before using this new data stealing tool. CTRL-ALT-LED is just a way to gather data. Malware program by using custom data transfer protocol is capable to make LED indicators on USB connected Keyboard blinks at very high speed. However, attacker can record these flashes and then unlock the information using the same techniques that was used to lock the data. Moreover, Read more