How to remove Crypton (Aurora) Ransomware

Easy Crypton (Aurora) Ransomware removal guide Crypton (Aurora) Ransomware is a file-encrypting virus belongs to Aurora ransomware family. Dnwls0719 is the discoverer behind it. Crypton is designed to prevent users accessible their files until a ransom is paid. During the encryption process, it appends the files with .crypton extension. For example, a file 1.jpg becomes 1.jpg.crypton. Instruction of how to pay the ransom demand (or purchase decryption tool/software from the ransomware developers) is provided on “@[email protected]” and “@[email protected]” and “@[email protected]” files. These three different files contain the identical text. As it is stated, Aurora encrypts the files using RSA encryption algorithm and the only way to get the files back is using the unique decryption tool/software and private key that the developers behind Crypton (Aurora) Ransomware have. A link is given on the ransom notes. As per the text, victims have to open this link which opens a page contains Read more