CryptoCurrency Miner (Second Most Popular Mac Malware)

According to reports by Symantec, CryptoCurrency Miner named as DevilRobber has shown a huge spike in the activities last month and now it is the second most popular Mac Malware. In last month, it showed a huge growth and it took up to 21.6 % of all Mac detection which is huge as compared to only 2.4% in May, 2017. The Mac Malware which is above it is RSPlug which is a DNS changer used in adware promotions. This report has been released by Symantec. DevilRobber This malware has been detected as multiple names such as DevilRobber, Miner-D, and OSX.Coinbitminer. It was firstly detected by Intego Researchers on October 2011 and then later discovered by F-Secure and Sophos. In 2011, it was probably the first major malware which targeted Mac OS X. It was so sudden that Apple had to launched an emergency updates to limit its impact. It has Read more

NSA Malware Attacking CryptoCurrency Miner on Windows PC

The cyber-crooks are using NSA hacking tool for infecting Windows PC with a new cryptocurrency miner. The Russian anti-virus vendor Dr. Web detected the related Trojan last week that has generic name as Trojan.BtcMine.1259. A NSA implant named as DOUBEPULSAR is used by the Trojan to infect computer that run unsafe SMB services. Now, the cyber-crooks can execute malicious code in the PC from backdoor. The crooks use DOUBLEPULSAR in order to download generic loader on targeted devices. The malware loader checks the uses PC for minimum kernel threads amount. Based the available PC resources, the generic loader downloads the cryptocurrency miner payload.