How to remove .CROWN Virus ransomware and recover encrypted files

Complete .CROWN Virus ransomware removal instructions The .CROWN extension name is used as an appendix by Cigarboom ransomware after encoding valuable files on a targeted PC. The encrypted files will become inaccessible. The victim is then demanded ransom fee as a ransom to get the files back. He or she has given a deadline of 48 hours after which all the hopes for the data recovery will be destroyed. The information of data encryption and ransom demands appear in a .txt file which the user could find in each folder containing encrypted files. .CROWN Virus ransomware – deep analysis .CROWN Virus ransomware is distributed via various ways. The intrusion could occur when you click on any attachment placed on spam email. This type of emails are designed and spread in tons on the Internet in a campaign to trick users into believing that these are coming from genuine source. They Read more