Remove .Cr1ptor file virus and recover encrypted files

Complete .Cr1ptor file virus removal guide Cr1ptor is not like typical ransomware viruses that encrypts files and appends their filenames and then demands ransom payment for the alleged recovery of the files. In fact, it encrypts files using curve25519xsalsa20poly1305 asymmetric algorithm appends no extension. It targets Network Attached Storage or NAS devices and English speaking people. Following to encrypting the files, .Cr1ptor file virus delivers a FILES_ENCRYPTED_README.txt file containing the information about the ransomware attack and ransom payment details. It states that the victims need to pay 0.3 BTC for the locked files to make them accessible once again. The ransomware developers who can provide the tool can be contacted via OpenBazaar website or via instant messaging apps. Decrypting a single encrypted file costs $19.99 additionally a file _cr1ptt0r_support.txt gets delivered to the device containing the address of Tor site. This file provides the developers to execute shell commands remotely Read more