Remove .CR1 file virus and decrypt .CR1 files

Complete .CR1 file virus removal guide PureLocker or otherwise called .CR1 file virus is a new ransomware threat that operates by encrypting stored files and then demanding ransom payment for making them in their usual usable, accessible condition. It targets Windows, Linux and Mac users. For the encryption, it uses AES 256 + RSA 4096 encryption algorithm. The encrypted files will receive .CR1 extension name. After completing the encryption process, it creates YOUR_FILES.txt that explains users about the attack and instructs them that they need to pay a ransom to decrypt the files. The amount of the ransom is not provided of the ransom note, although it asks users to contact the threat developers using [email protected] email address. They will provide the private key that help in restoring of the files. The note further states not to wait for a long since the key is available for only 7 days Read more