Remove COSAKOS ransomware and recover the encrypted files

Complete COSAKOS ransomware removal instructions COSAKOS is yet another variant of Djvu/STOP ransomware family. The person who discovered it is Michael Gillespie. Like the preceded viruses of this family, the COSAKOS ransomware encrypts almost all the files making them inaccessible and then demands ransom to be paid to allegedly get the files back. The files encrypted by this ransomware get a unique extension named .COSAKOS (where the name of the virus is derived from). Following to encryption process is done; the ransomware generates a text file named _readme.txt that contains the information about the attack on the computer and instruct victims how to allegedly get back the files. The _readme.txt basically contains a ransom demanding message. It states that the files are encrypted and that victims need to contact the ransomware developers to get a unique key from them. This is true that the files decryption requires a unique key, Read more