How to remove cosacos ransomware and recover the encrypted files

Simple cosacos ransomware removal instructions Djvu/STOP belonging cosacos is yet another ransomware-type infection. It is discovered by Michael Gillespie. It intrudes without users’ permission and encrypts most of the files stored on computers. The encrypted files will receive .cosacos extension. For example, a file named Sample.jpg becomes Sample.jpg.cosacos after the encryption and so forth. The ransomware creates a text file named _readme.txt once the encryption process is completed. It spreads copies the text file on each folder containing encrypted files. The text file contains a short message that states that data is compromised and that victims have to purchase a unique decryption to restore the files. Unfortunately, this is true that the decryption requires a unique key. cosacos ransomware encrypts files by using some cipher algorithm that generates a unique decryption key individually for each victim. The problem is that all the keys are stored on remote server under controlled Read more