How to remove Coot ransomware and decrypt .Coot files

Easy step by step Coot ransomware removal guide Coot is a dangerous ransomware-type infection that aims to get into computer system and encrypt the stored files and demand huge ransom payment from the victim for making the files in their original accessible condition. Basically, when you try to access the locked file, a ransom note appears on the screen whose main aim is to convince you for paying the ransom money in exchange of decryption key. This ransom note namely “_readme.txt” is stored in every folder that contains the locked files. The extension of the infected files gets changed with an additional .coot extension. For example, an infected file named as sample.jpg will get changed to sample.jpg.coot. The Cybercriminals working behind this threat demands ransom in around $980 which is to be paid in Bitcoin or other form of Crypto currency. They offer a discount of 50% is you contact Read more