How to remove ConvertMyFile [Delete ConvertMyFile]

Effective Guide to uninstall ConvertMyFile from PC According to expert, it is described as malicious domain that tries to present itself as legitimate and useful website in order to help users to convert their files from one format to another. But once you visit such sites to convert files it will redirect you to other harmful webpage that contain malicious infections or content. Further, it operates by modifying internet browsers in order to promote fake search engine. It also spy on user’s online browsing activity and collect their personal data. The main aim of this virus is to hijack popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, IE and others. Basically, it attaches itself with unwanted toolbars, extensions, plug-ins, add-ons etc. Moreover, ConvertMyFile has the ability to make several unwanted changes of your browsers like default search engine, homepage and new tab URL. Due to such changes, users are Read more