Simple steps how to secure computer at home and at business

A lot of small and medium sized companies do not realize they are vulnerable to data breach. And, this is the main reason of many of big companies’ data theft, hacks, exposes and other cyber security related issues becomes the headlines on the front of the Newspaper on every day. Misconceptions among Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) According to researchers by the UK Cyber streetwise Campaign, of about two-third (approx 66%) of SMEs has common misconceptions around cyber security, due to which they leave vulnerable of their valuable data and other issues such as financial and reputable damage. Following are the misconceptions among them Only companies that take payments online are risk of cyber crimes (26%) Small companies aren’t target for the hackers (22%) Cyber security is too expensive to implement (24%) Don’t know where to start (22%) Only a few percent of the total says that improving their cyber Read more