Remove Conficker.C –easy step by step instructions

Complete Conficker.C removal guide Conficker.C is a worm infection. It adds the affected computer network to botnet and then controls the device remotely to launch denial to services attacks and leads system crashes. This malware creates backdoor for various other malware infections, launches numerous malicious processes and even shuts down the services such as government offices, hospitals and banking institutions. Trojans are the type of virus that runs silently and so for the long time, users do not suspect on its presence and many processes. However, the users can notice its presence as malicious by seeing that frequent OS errors, unknown processes run on the background, or executable  files (comaddin32.dll, svchost.exe, explorer.exe, or services.exe) are created and running on the Task manager and unable to access  to several important functions or features such as Control panel, registry editor and command prompt and similar. Distinct feature of this worm is that Read more