CoinCheck Walltet transaction theft; Russian hackers are responsible?

$534 million losses from CoinCheck by hackers believed from Russian It was January 2018, when a Bitcoin wallet and exchange service, CoinCheck, which operates exchanges between Bitcoin, ether and fiat currencies in Japan, and Bitcoin transactions and storage in some countries, suffered huge Cryptocurrency exchange theft.  This was the biggest theft recorded in the history where the platform got a loss of more than $530 Million worth NEM tokens taken from the digital wallets. According to the report related to this incident came up in 16th of June, two viruses namely Mokens and Netwire, detected in employee’s computers, were the reason behind the crime. Previously, it was believed that the hackers were from North Koran side. Russian belonging hackers distributed these viruses and operated the transaction from their server remotely, latest analysis held by US Cyber Security experts showed. Netwire and Mokens Viruses According to the initially published reports, these Read more