How to remove .Codelocks File Virus and recover encrypted files

Complete .Codelocks File Virus removal guide Ouroboros or otherwise called .Codelocks File Virus is a ransomware-type infection that encrypts stored files on targeting computers making users’ inaccessible to them. It uses AES-256 encryption algorithm that creates a unique decryption key/tool for each victim individually without which the decryption is not possible. During the encryption process, the files are renamed by .Codelocks extension. For example, a file 1.jpg becomes 1.jpg.Codelocks. Other variants of King Ouroboros ransomware use various other extensions such as “[[email protected]].Lazarus”, “.odveta” and “.KRONOS”. Following to finishing the encryption process, the ransomware opens a pop-up window containing files recovery instructions from Crooks behind it. They design such texts to encourage, force, or threaten and make think users that the only possible data decryption option is to use the decryption software for which they have pay to them. The ransom note states that the data are compromised and that the Read more