City of Burlington gets scammed loses up to $503,000

City of Burlington loses half a dozen million dollars by getting scam to transfer to phony bank account Ontario, the city officials in Burlington has reported about phishing scam in which the municipality loss half a million dollars. It was happened on 16th of May by this year. The investigation is still going-on. According to the report, the exact amount of $503,000 was transacted to attackers by a staff member of the municipality. He/she get phished by the email requesting to change banking information for someone the city was doing business. City’s mayor, Marianne Meed Ward has stated about the event: “This was a case of online fraud with falsified documents at a level of sophistication not typically seen and we are taking the necessary steps to prevent it from happening in the future. This stresses just how important it is that we are all vigilant and recognize the signs Read more