WikiLeaks Publishes Vault 7 (Secret CIA documents released publicly)

Wikileaks once again released an assemblage of hacking tools which it says as if it belongs to United States Central Intelligence Agencey (CIA). Interestingly, this WikiLeaks dump is codenamed as “Vault 7”. If you remember, last summer in 2016 when similar tools were released by rouge group of hackers who presented themselves with the name “Shadow Broker”. Then, the hacker claimed that released tools were cheated from United National Security Agency (NSA). In WikiLeaks Press Release, the company has claimed that it has possession of the CIA hacking store which includes malware, virus, exploits, malware remote control systems and all kind of associated docs. The WikiLeaks dump contained CIA hacking tools in PDF documentation and there is no malware or exploits in it. This WikLeaks dump can easily be downloaded as a torrent file which is in the form of password-protected archive. The password of archive is “SplinterItIntoAThousandPiecesAndScatterItIntoTheWinds”. Wikileaks twitted Read more