Remove Checkingforward POP-UP Scam from PCs

Complete Checkingforward POP-UP Scam removal instructions Checkingforward is a scam message that advertises Smart Mac Booster by using deception. The page states that the computer is infected with malware and offers the aforementioned app to conduct the removal process. You should not trust software that is advertised via such spam campaigns. The page should always be ignored. Initially, the page displays a pop-up Window that states that the earlier visited sites infected the PCs with a virus and thus repairing process is required. Next page contains the information about the PCs version, used browsers, IP addresses, ISP provide name, location and encourage to scan the PC by clicking the Scan now button. Scanning process start happening after clicking on the button and a threat named Bankworm is shown. The users are then recommended delete the threat by using Advanced Mac cleaner which is a malicious app. However, once the clicking Read more