Remove .chch File Virus [Encrypted Data Solution]

Complete guide to delete .chch File Virus from Windows OS It is described as harmful and notorious malware infection that secretly alters your system and locks down all your available files by using powerful encryption algorithm. This nasty malware is created and distributed by group of hackers with an evil intention and wrong motives. It is able to infect all types of system files like images, audios, videos, database, documents as well as banking details and makes them totally useless. Once locking your files, it will add “.chch” extension to the end of filenames thus, it is impossible for users to access even single files. Whenever you try to open such infected files it will show you an error message. After successfully completing encryption process, the ransomware creates readme.txt file and drop it on every existing folder containing infected files. as usual, the text file contain short message which states Read more