How to remove Chatroulette Phishing virus from PCs

Complete step by step Chatroulette Phishing virus removal instructions Chatroulette is a rogue application that claims to enhance the web browsing experience. Its appearance suggests that it is completely legitimate and useful. However, in reality, it is categorized as a potentially unwanted application (PUA), as well as browser hijacker. The three main negative associations with this application is that It can intrude without users’ permission It promotes a fake search engine It tracks users’ browsing data As mentioned, Chatroulette Phishing virus promotes a fake search engine. To achieve this, the application hijacks the most popular web browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Explorer and etc and assigns some dubious site (that the developers promote) on the search engine, homepage and new tab URL. These changes are minor, yet users still are unable revert them. The reason is that the application reassigns the settings time to time and prevents the users to Read more