How to remove CCryptor Ransomware and recover encrypted files

Complete CCryptor Ransomware removal guide CCryptor is a ransomware-type program that encrypts almost all stored files and creates a ransom note for ransom demand. It uses AES256 encryption algorithm, which means, the files decryption requires a unique code/key. During encryption process, the filenames of all encrypted files are renamed with .CCryptor extension. README!!!.txt titled filename containing the ransom note appears soon after the encryption process. The created file states, victims have to send provided code to Cybercriminals behind the threat via [email protected] email address. After that, they will receive the instruction how to pay a ransom and get a decryption tool embedded with the lockdown code/key. The price of the tool is provided on the note. It is $80 which is to be provided in Bitcoin. There is$5 penalty on each day spent. After 4 days, the files would permanently be deleted. The ransom note also says not to rename Read more