Researchers’ Canon Camera test: DSLR photos could be a target of ransomware attackers

Cameras are the devices that are not connected with the Internet and so there is no inspection about they are immune to hackers. However, latest research regarding virus infections shows some alarming affects. Researchers have discovered that some DSLR can be a target of ransomware infection. This is made possible by weakness in the protocol PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol). Hackers manipulate this and inject their malware directly to the memory card. This result into encryption of the photos and ransom payment is demanded for the allegedly recovery. Check Point Software noticed the PTP is vulnerable for the ransomware attacks. Researchers, as a proof-of-concept demonstrated how the Canon models are affected by this. They uncover the flaws in Canon EOS 80D by using firmware. They set up a rogue WiFi access point. Once attackers were in the range of the camera, they inject malware that encrypts the photos. The camera’s owners Read more