How to remove Calum Ransomware from OS

Tips to delete Calum Ransomware and recover encrypted files According to expert, Calum Ransomware is described as file-encrypting malware that belongs to Phobos ransomware family. This perilous threat is specifically designed to locks down all your important files stored in the infected PC. During encryption, all affected files are appended with victim’s unique ID, developers email address and by using “.calum” extensions. After locking the files, it displays messages on the system screen asking you to buy the decryption key. The ransom note contains the basic information which states that all your files have been encrypted by using strong cryptographic algorithm and can only be unlocked by using decryption tool. As a guarantee that decryption is possible they ask you to send 1-2 files and they can decrypt them free without demanding any money so that you can trust them. It is true that the encrypted files can only be Read more