How to remove calix Ransomware and recover encrypted files

Complete calix Ransomware removal instruction calix Ransomware is a kind of hazardous computer infection that intrudes inside without users’ consent. It is designed to encrypt stored files (and appends them with calix extension name) and then demands ransom payment for their recovery. The most targeted files are images, audios, videos, documents, presentations, databases, backups and even banking credentials. This perilous crypto-virus encodes them using a cipher encryption algorithm and makes them completely unusable. To supposedly instruct users how to get them back and demand ransom payment, it creates a .txt file soon after encryption process is done. The created file states that the files are encrypted and that the victims need to purchase a unique decryption tool/software from the ransomware developers, if they want their recovery. Unfortunately, this information is true. The encryption algorithm helps the developers to generate a unique key during the encryption process with each victim individually. Read more