Remove .Caley file virus and recover encrypted files

Complete step by step .Caley file virus removal instruction Phobos belonging Caley or otherwise known as .Caley file virus is a type of software that encrypts files stored with some strong cipher algorithm so that they could not access to them without using a unique decryption code. GrujaRS discovered .Caley ransomware. Like all other viruses, caley appends a unique extension name (.Caley) to the encrypted files. For example a file 1.jpg after encrypted will become 1.jpg” to “[1E857D00-2425].[[email protected]].Caley. After the encryption process is complicated, the ransomware generates info.txt file a pop-up window to instruct users how to decrypt files and demands ransom money. [email protected] and [email protected], two emails are provided on the .txt file. According to it, the victims need to contact the ransomware developers through any of these email addresses, if they want to recover the files. Further information is given on the pop-up window. It states that the Read more