How to remove .Cales File Virus from PCs (Complete Solution)

Simple steps to delete and recover files from .Cales File Virus According to expert, .Cales File Virus is defined as nasty file encrypting infection which belongs to Phobos ransomware family. This virus spread into your PC through various methods to lock down the targeted system and encrypt all your files found on desktop. It encrypts all types of system files including videos, audios, picture, apps and so on with the help of powerful encryption algorithm. Once it infiltrated, it appends all filenames by using victims unique ID, developers email address and “.Cales” extension.  After encryption process completed, two files “info.txt” and “info.hta” are dropped on your computer screen which inform you about ransomware attack and solution to recover encrypted files. The ransom note explains that all your personal files are encrypted by powerful encryption algorithm and if you want to restore them you should immediately contact with cyber crooks. The Read more