Bug Detected In iOS 13 Allows Bypassing Lock Screen And Open Address Book

Highlights: According to researcher Jose Rodriguez who told The Register that the latest iOS version 10 is vulnerable to same kind of lock screen bypass as detected earlier with previous iOS versions. According to the latest report, Mr Rodriguez has discovered a bug which allows opening the address book without requiring to unlock the device. He actually found the bug in July this year when iOS 13 was in beta or testing phase. Alike other bugs, this problem also requires users to get physical access to device. Here’s the researcher’s statement: “Bypassing the lock screen includes receiving a call and selecting to answer the call with a text message. After that you need to change the “to” field value for this message using the voice-over functionality”, – says Jose Rodriguez. As per the resultant of this bug, the “to” field provides access to contact list of device owner, and offers Read more