How to remove Bulk Uploader from PCs

Easy step by step Bulk Uploader removal instructions Bulk Uploader is an add-on and a creation of Webcraffic and Ash Durham. Cyber Criminals hijack this add-on and used it to redirect users to suspicious websites such as,,, and many others to generate web traffic and so as revenue. These aforementioned are the ones that victims by this PUP will have to visit. Such websites might be malicious as these are used to distribute malware, various unwanted apps and so on. They can cause infiltration of other unwanted programs like adware, browser hijackers and so on and can gather various data. The list of the collected data includes: IP addresses, Search queries, Viewed pages, URLs visited, And possibly sensitive details. These details could be shared with the people who misuse it to generate revenue. Thus, data tracking can bring the risk of privacy, identity theft, financial loss Read more