ScarCruft Hackers exploit Bluetooth device harvester to spy on victims

ScarCruft, a hacker group from North Korea has found to use a new infiltration device, i.e. the Bluetooth harvesting tool that allows them to get various sensitive details from the compromised computer. These professional hackers group seemingly to be highly experienced one known by different alternatives such as APT37, Reaper or Group123 has been active at least 2012 and their actions first noticed in 2016. By so far, ScarCruft main targets was high profile targets such as government, media and military organizations in South Korean. Such attacks have detected and after being analyzed concluded that it fits in three criteria: The North Korean IP is being used by the attackers Malware’s complication timestamps correspond to North Korean time zone. Objective aligns to the North Korean Government The past attacks used zero day vulnerabilities or Trojan. The campaigns were done against Japan, Vietnam and Middle East. What new in the trend; Read more