How to remove Bopador virus and recover encrypted files

Easy step by step Bopador virus removal instructions Michael Gillespie discovered Bopador virus is a huge risk ransomware from Djvu malware family. It encrypts stored files and make inaccessible. The main purpose of the Cyber Criminals behind this is to make ransom demands. During the encryption process, Bopador appends .bopador extension to each filename. For example, a file 1.jpg renamed to After encryption is completed, the ransomware creates a text file named _readme.txt and drops its copies on each folder containing encrypted files. The created text message states that the files are encrypted and can be restored only by using a unique decryption key. Unfortunately this is true; boarder encrypts data by using an algorithm that generates unique decryption key for each victim. This key is stored under some remote server which is only accessed by the hackers. They demand ransom payment for allegedly providing that key. The price Read more