iTunes Zero-Day Vulnerability Patched with Latest Apple Updates

Attacker uses iTunes zero-day to install BitPaymer Ransomware on Windows According to report, Apple Company has patched iTunes zero-day security flaw that allowed the cybercriminals to bypass the detected of antimalware software and install BitPaymer Ransomware on Windows devices. For those who are not aware, cyber security experts & researchers from Morphisec discovered a new cyber attack that uses iTune Zero-Day bug to install BitPaymer Ransomware on target machine. The attackers breached the targeted company without triggering antimalware protection alarms. However, Morphisec were shared the details of the attack with Apple within disclosure period and waiting for official patch. Let’s start the discussion about iTunes zero-day vulnerability in details. iTunes zero-day vulnerability allows the hacker to bypass the detection of security software Report says, security researchers have discovered the zero-day bug in Windows version of iTunes app that allows the hacker to infect the target machine by installing BitPaymer Ransomware Read more