New Ransomware Variant DoppelPaymer Demanding 100 BTC Ransom

According to report, Cyber security researchers have discovered a new ransomware variant that is known as DoppelPaymer Ransomware. This new Ransomware virus have been working or infecting victims’ devices since mid-June and asked them to pay 100 BTC amount of ransom money or in USD. Furthermore, CrowdStrike has researched that the ransomware has deteted at least eight versions which has powerful data-locking capabilities as well as stealing of data with each successive variant. Let’s take have a look at DoppelPaymer Ransomware in detail. What is DoppelPaymer the Doppelganger Ransomware? DoppelPaymer Ransomware has been discovered by security researchers who states that the ransomware has at least eight version and each variants have extended malware’s capabilities. Moreover, researchers found some similarities when they take its name with another Ransomware i.e., BitPaymer Ransomware. Both the Ransomware variant uses similar source code. Let’s take have a look at statement of CrowdStrike which talks about Read more