How to remove .[[email protected] ].wiki Virus from PCs

Complete .[[email protected] ].wiki Virus removal guide Wiki or otherwise called .[[email protected] ].wiki Virus is a dangerous computer threat detected as a ransomware. It belongs to the infamous ransomware family called Crysis/Dharma. Jakub kroustek was the discoverer behind this variant. Like other viruses of this family, it operates as encrypting stored files and keeping them lockdown until a ransom is paid. During encryption, it appends .wiki extension to the filenames of the encrypted files. You would see your 1.jpg file as[[email protected] ].wiki” after the encryption. After the encrypting process is done, the ransomware drops a file named FILES ENCRYPTED.txt on the desktop and displays a pop-up window. The message on the .txt file states that the data have been locked and that the victims need to contact Cybercriminals behind the threat if they want them in decrypted form. It provides email addresses belong to them for the contact. The pop-up Read more