Phishing Bitcoin scam tricks users into downloading ransomware virus

A new scam tricks users into downloading ransomware by allegedly promoting malicious program as a Bitcoin Collector According to an pseudonym Cyber Security researcher, Frost, a bunch of websites have been detected that scam users by promising that they have chance of earning up to 30 USD Bitcoin per day by promoting a program named BItcoin collector. By its installation, users end up into getting ransomware and Trojan virus inside their system. Users might install this program by getting attracted towards the huge earning amount by which they can generate 30 Bitcoin (1 Bitcoin is 8,730 USD) per day. This scam also incorporates the referral program that allows the users to earn 3 (750 USD) Ethereum with referring thousand visits. This is not the crux of the scam rather an offer on website for daily earnings of Bitcoins. Once clicked, victims are redirected to another website controlled by Bitcoin Collector’s Read more