Betabot malware is back and spreads via malicious Office documents

The recent attack is found in most of the users’ computer i.e., Betabot malware that is able to steal some crucial & confidential information of innocent users. It has identified by Cyber security researchers since 2013 as Botnet and banking Trojan which does malicious infection as well as steal sensitive data of users. This misleading programs is mostly get enters via office documents such as excel, access, Word and pdf. It is designed by Cyber criminals in such a way that it exploits CVE-2017-11882 Vulnerability. According to security experts, it was discovered in 2017. But, this malicious infection is come back from various methods of bundling. It attacks mostly Microsoft office documents to get enters into users PCs. It installs similar malware in their PCs and leads major damages. It is hard to detect/delete this cunning malware by most of the antivirus programs. It blocks all security updates and installing Read more