How to remove Berosuce file extension ransomware virus and recover encrypted files

Complete Berosuce file extension ransomware virus removal instructions The Berosuce file extension ransomware virus encrypts your files stored on PC and then demands a ransom to make them accessible one again. The encrypted files will receive .berosuce extension. After the encryption process completed, the ransomware generates _readme.txt – a ransom message – and drops it on each folder containing encrypted files. This virus is a variant of the most popular ransomware family name Djvu/STOP ransomware. The ransomware note states that the ransomware has encrypted all your files including databases, documents and etc by using some strong cipher encryption algorithm. It has yet not known the exact algorithm the ransomware uses to encrypt the files. But, it is certain that decryption require a unique key without which you cannot access your files. The problem is that the developers hide the decryptor under some remote server and then start blackmail victims for Read more