How to remove .bddy file virus from PCs

Easy .bddy file virus removal guide Buddy or otherwise called .bddy file virus is a malicious computer threat categorized as a ransomware. It is type of computer virus that intrudes victims’ computers without their consent and encrypts the personal files and demands ransom for the decryption i.e., to buy decryption tool/software. The most targeted files are audios, videos, music, document, databases, presentations and etc. The ransomware locks them using cipher encryption algorithm and appends their names by adding .cry extension. For example, a file 1.jpg becomes 1.jpg.cry. Once the encryption process is completed, .bddy file virus leaves a message in every folder containing encrypted files. It also drops this message on the desktop. The ransom note says: Hi, Buddy! f you see this message, all your important files are been crypted 🙂 What can you do? You can pay with bitcoin and wait 10 min for decryption! This note also Read more