How to remove .Barak file virus and decrypt .Barak files

Complete .Barak file virus removal guide  Barak or otherwise called .Barak file virus is a recently set against target end users on the wild. It comes under Phobos ransomware family. Just as its predecessors, Barak ransomware aims to encrypt all personal data on the targeted computer and the connected networks/drives and then starts blackmailing users to pay ransom fee in Bitcoin for decryption software from the developers of Barak. The .Barak file virus targets all personal pictures, videos, images, audios, databases, MS Office and other files.  It encrypts them AES encryption algorithm and marks with .Barak extension. Soon after that the files become unusable, inaccessible. After the encryption, Barak delivers two ransom notes: info.txt and info.hta. The info.txt contains a very short message that informs users that the data are encrypted and that they need to contact the ransomware developers. It provides email addresses belong to the Crooks. The info.hta Read more