GDPR scam: new phishing trick

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation that is used by Cyber criminals for illegal purpose. They try to generate illegal income or profit from these techniques. Cyber security experts have detected this new email phishing attacks. According to them, it is new tricks used by crooks which easily attack Windows OS based computer and steals some crucial & confidential data as well. They try to collect some information such as login ID, email ID, password, IP address, financial data and more details. GDPR scam is big online scam creation of Cyber criminals which is mostly attacks user’s PCs via email spam messages. It has recently affected account of NatWest bank customer’s and steals their financial details as well. They show fake notification on user’s computer and ask them to send their crucial details. Most of the users have reported about its malicious behavior. They never do any mercy with Read more