Hackers Using SEO to Alter Google Search Results and Promoting Banking Trojan

Malware authors are always looking for new and artistic ways to spread malware and they always impress the victims with their new techniques. The groups of cyber-attackers are now spreading the newly variant of Zeus Panda banking Trojan with an entirely different spreading technique. They are now using Black-Hat SEO technique instead of old-school distribution technique such as mal-advertising and spam campaigns. These cyber-cribbers are relying on network of hacker websites on which they put selected keywords in the new-page. Sometime, they even hide the particular keyword in the existing page. This is very effective because the victim will start noticing spam or hacked websites in the result page at the top. For example, if anybody searches for banking hours details during particular day, they will see spam and hacked websites on the top result. If you click on these links, the webpage will get redirected to hacked websites. This Read more