Remove .banjo file virus and recover the encrypted files

Complete .banjo file virus removal instructions .banjo is a variant of Phobos family ransomware. Like all others variants of this ransomware family, .banjo file virus encrypts data/locks files stored and keeps them in this state until a ransom is paid. It renames the files by adding .banjo file extension plus the victim’s unique Id number and an email address. For example, a file named 1.jpg after getting encrypted gets renamed to 1.jpg.ID-63857777.[[email protected]].banjo. Some other variants of this family include .blend, .adage, .phoenix and use the same extension accordingly with their names. Threat Summary Name: .rencrypted files virus Type: Ransomware Short description: The ransomware encrypts stored files on your computer and then demands a ransom to be paid to allegedly restore them Symptoms: Files cannot be accessed, the previous functioned files appear with some different extension, and ransom payment is demanded Distribution methods Spam email campaigns Damages: possibly data stealing Trojan Read more