How to remove

Easy removal guide is a rogue website that, if opened, redirects visitors to various untrustworthy pages and/or displays questionable content. Quite often, browsers open up such pages when some potentially unwanted programs installed on them. In other word, people visit this type of pages unwillingly/unintentionally. Typically, PUPs come bundled with other software using software bundling. Following to successfully infiltrate, PUPs open a new web browsing tab/Window for the websites like When opened, they load some questionable and/or redirect to shady, untrustworthy pages. This behavior of the sites depends on geo-location determined after checking IP address of the visitors. It is worth to mention that the site uses a social engineering technique to deceive users into allowing its site to show unwanted advertisements directly on the desktop. When users click on any such ads, they might end up into downloading other potentially unwanted applications (in addition to Read more