Remove .badmad file virus and recover encrypted files

Step to step .badmad file virus removal instructions Badmad or .badmad file virus is a file-encrypting virus that is designed encrypts data stored on compromised PCs and denies users’ access to them until a ransom is paid. The encrypted files include images, audios, videos, documents, presentations, databases, backups and banking credentials and etc. These files will receive .badmad extension name after being encrypted. Following to encrypting the files, the ransomware generates a ransom demanding message in .txt format file. The created file states that the files are encrypted and that the victims should contact on [email protected] email address belongs to the ransomware developers, if they want to access back the files again. The note further states, users need to pay some ransom fee to purchase a unique decryption tool without which the decryption of the files becomes impossible. Typically, a ransomware encrypts files using a cipher algorithm that creates unique Read more