How to remove .badday file virus from PCs

Complete .badday file virus removal instructions Dnwls0719 discovered Badday is a malicious ransomware-type infection belongs to to Globeimposter family. It encrypts data and keeps it locked till a ransom is paid. During encryption process, it appends the filenames using .badday extension. For example, a file named 1.jpg becomes 1.jpg.badday and so on. After that, it generates a .html file named how_to-back_files.html and displays it on the desktop.  The created text file states that the data has been encrypted and that the victims need a decryptor (decryption tool/software) for their recovery. According to the note, only the ransomware developers can provide the decryption tool. It further states, users need to purchase it from them that requires a ransom sum and currency for an exchange. After the transaction is completed, the developers provide the tool. On the ransom note, the cybercriminals also try to provide a proof that their decryption tool is Read more