Titanium Backdoor Uses Multi-Stage Process to Target Asia-Pacific’s Users

According to report, cyber security experts & researchers have discovered a new cyber threat that targets the south and southeast Asia. Experts founded hacker group behind this malware campaign which exist as name of Platinum or Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) hacker group Platinum uses Titanium Trojan for malicious purposes. Hacker claims that Titanium is powerful backdoor malware that is delivered as final payload due to multi-stage infection process. However, this new backdoor malware developed by Platinum hacker group is targeting victims in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, located in South and Southeast Asia. Let’s start the discussion about this malware attack in detail. Platinum hacker group developed Titanium backdoor Malware: Multi-stage infection According to security experts, Titanium is one of the self-executable archives backdoor viruses that spreads as final payload due to multi-stage infection process including usage of steganographically hidden data. This infection process also helps the malware to avoid detection Read more