AWS S3 Buckets Disclosed Personal Details of Attunity: UpGurad’s Researcher Discovery

According to reports, the security researcher UpGuard has discovered three unprotected  Amazon S3 buckets which has exposed the personal information of Attunity (Israeli-based Database Management Company). Since, the databases contain sensitive information about Fortune 100 companies including Netflix, Ford, TD Bank and other companies. For those who are not aware, it was sported by UpGurad’ security researcher team in 13th May 2019. Let’s take have a look at this Cyber activities in detail. About Attunity: Largest Database Management Company Report says, Attunity is come in the top in the list of largest Database companies which has recently acquired by Qlik (Business Intelligent platform). Attunity is biggest corporation of the world like Pfizer, Dobly, Brown-Forman, Philips and many others. UpGurad Researcher team discovered AWS 3 buckets exposure: leaked information can be beneficial for Cyber Criminals When we talk about the sensitive information store in Attunity’s database, the data are backup of Read more