AV-Comparatives test reveals two third of AV on Google Play are bogus

AV-Comparatives, an Australian Independent organization that tests and assesses antivirus software, recently have published a report by checking the effectiveness of 250 AV engine from the Google Chrome. According to the report, two third of the apps are totally useless and are falsely advertised.  On their test, the AV-Comparatives used 2000 Android malware and 250 AV engine from Google Play store. It is surprisingly to know that only 1 out of 10 apps show 100% detection to the malware. Two third and more are those apps who do not even pass the basic threshold of just 30%. According to the report of AV-Comparatives, most bogus AV engines are just being made for monitory gain; their developers have not much experienced how to create reliable security: Most of the above apps, as well as the risky apps already mentioned, appear to have been developed either by amateur programmers or by software Read more